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September 2021

What Is a CCTV Drain Survey and Why Might I Need One?

What Is a CCTV Drain Survey and Why Might I Need One?

Drainage issues can be incredibly frustrating, especially when the initial cause of the issue is unclear. You may have already tried to troubleshoot your drain issues using traditional methods, but with no success. Not all drain issues can be easily seen and diagnosed, and if the issue still persists, it might be time for a CCTV Drain Survey.

You may have never heard of a CCTV survey, but they are a brilliant diagnostic solution for unclear drain issues and can be useful in many situations. At Drain Doctor, we are proud to offer this service to homeowners, landlords, property developers, or simply any victim of a poorly maintained drainage system.

Identifying Drainage Problems with CCTV Technology 

A CCTV drain survey is commonly organised when a drain issue occurs deep in the drainage system. The survey uses high-tech CCTV cameras to identify the source of an issue such as a blockage, crack, or leak so that it can be fixed before the problem worsens. You may be thinking that a drain issue must be really bad to merit sticking a camera down the drain! However, a drainage survey can be vital in non-emergency situations as well.  A CCTV drain survey may become necessary when considering purchasing a property, renting out a property to tenants, and above all when persistent drainage issues cannot be fixed through normal means and the source of the issue is unclear.

Drain Survey

Why Get a CCTV Drain Survey?

There a countless reasons to get a CCTV drain survey and they can help you protect your drainage and plumbing, or uncover any issues before investing in property. 

Buying a property - Home Buyers Drain Survey

If you are buying a home, it's important that you survey the property well so that you know all the details of your investment. For peace of mind, the RICS Home Survey gives a broad assessment of the functionality of your future home, but it does not cover home buyers drain surveys, and therefore critical drainage damage could be missed. It is therefore important to extend your home survey with a home buyers drain survey to get a more holistic understanding of the viability of your investment. Additionally, drain repairs can be expensive, and continually paying for drain repairs can be an unwanted financial burden. If you are a homebuyer, it therefore is important to survey your drain infrastructure with a home buyers drain survey before committing to buying a home.

Leasing a Property - Sewer CCTV survey

Similarly, if you are leasing out a home, it is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure that your sewage infrastructure is in working order. Drain Doctor’s sewer CCTV survey can detect and prevent the emergence of nasty drainage issues such as blocked, leaky, or smelly drains, reducing repair costs long term, and keeping tenants happy with the functionality of their leased home. Additionally, fewer tenant complaints allows you to optimise your time, and your money by reducing the time spent constantly organising expensive repairmen. A pre-tenancy sewer CCTV survey also grants you extra security as it allows you to prove if a tenant has caused any damage, helping you lease out properties with confidence.

Building a Property - Commercial CCTV Drain Surveys

Surveying the pipe infrastructure of a property before you build on it is essential. In fact the Water authority insists on a pre-build CCTV Drain Survey if the build is on or near any of their pipes. Make sure to conform to the requirements of your local water authority to avoid planning issues and unnecessary delays in your building process. This commercial CCTV drain survey is not just a bureaucratic requirement, but one that is required to maintain the integrity of drainage infrastructure by avoiding potential damage to preexisting drainage systems.

What Does the Process Involve?

We use high tech waterproof cameras to detect tree root ingress, damaged pipe-work, blockages, leaks, and pipe collapse. We then compile an official report that can be used to support the sale or leasing of the surveyed property, or to prove that damage was caused by the tenant. At Drain Doctor, we ensure that our range of services are top notch, this is why we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 a year. Our engineers are highly trained across a range of service areas so that we can draw on our expertise to quickly diagnose and fix any drainage issue.

CCTV Drain Inspections Help to Find:

  • Blockages and Leaks
  • Displaced Joints
  • Minor and Major Tree Root Ingress
  • Corrosion, Wear and Tear
  • Cracked and Collapsed Drains
  • Scale Build-Up
  • Signs of Poor Insulation
  • Animal Infestation 

Drain Survey Cost

CCTV drain survey companies do not often offer a flat rate, and instead will give you a quote based on your property specifications. This is because every property is different, and drain survey cost ranges according to the specifications of the build. For example, at Drain Doctor, we offer a free no obligation quote ahead of your CCTV Drain Survey, and this quoted price will remain fixed. An engineer will visit your property and evaluate the extent of the job, provide you a quote, and then it is up to you how to proceed.

CCTV drain surveys, while useful in diagnosing and fixing emergent drainage issues, are also vital in preventative situations, or where your obligations as a build manager or a landlord require you to assess your drains, both for your benefit and for others’. The CCTV drain survey is easy. Just contact our expert technicians who will provide you with a reasonable quote, and sit back while we utilise our years of experience to efficiently diagnose and fix your drains.

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