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Eradicate Rat Infestations with a CCTV Drain Survey

Animal and rodent infestations pose a serious threat to both homeowners and businesses, concerning not only the damage caused but also the health of the occupants. Determining the location where the rats or other creatures are entering is possible through a drainage CCTV investigation.

Your local Drain Doctor technicians can survey your drainage systems and pipework to identify entry points. They can then recommend the best drainage repair solution to fix the problem.

CCTV Solutions for Animal Infestation

Rat and other animal infestations are often traced back to a single fault in a drainage system or sewage pipe, but how do you get rid of rats in drains? Rats leave a pheromone trail for other rats to follow, so the key to keeping them out is to conduct a thorough CCTV survey to pinpoint the entry point and intercept the issue at the source.

Establish the entry point and collate vital information to eradicate the rodent or animal problem with a drainage survey from Drain Doctor.

Drain Doctor Animal Infestation Services

  • Drain Fault Investigation
  • Pest Survey and Rodent Entry Point Identification
  • Invasive CCTV Testing Using High Tech Camera Equipment
  • Sealing Entrances and Resolving Rat Infestation Problems

Rodent infestations are becoming more prevalent and the demand for investigative equipment such as CCTV drainage cameras is on the rise. The ability to establish the source of the pest problem without the need to dig a trench means our animal infestation services are not only reliable but also far less invasive than alternative methods, causing minimal disruption.


Initial Signs of a Problem

To first establish if you have a rodent problem there are some tell-tale signs to look out for, including rat droppings, gnaw holes in walls, chewed wood, plastic, cables and wrappers, as well as scratching sounds under floorboards and in the walls.

If you aren’t able to locate an entrance point, then the Drain Doctor team are just a call away and combined with a pest control expert, we can find out if the rats are coming from the drains and put a stop to it.

How to Get Rid of Rats and Rodents from Drains

If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a rodent infestation in your drains, then the Drain Doctor animal infestation CCTV service is the perfect place to begin. Our drain inspection cameras will help identify any entry points and using the footage captured, our engineers will guide you in resolving the problem and preventing it from reoccurring.

We use specialist CCTV equipment to gain access to hard-to-reach pipework and drains to look for signs of damage or loose connections where the rodents are accessing the drainage network. Our engineers will then set about repairing the drains, making them secure from rodent infestation.


Looking After Drains to Prevent Pests

If you have endured a rat problem, you certainly won’t want a repeat experience. Drain Doctor assists clients in equipping their property to prevent it from reoccurring. One step is to install a protective guard over any drain opening to prevent rats from entering the pipework.

Food remnants also attracts rats and pests. Avoid leaving food outside for pets, as this is likely to attract rats and entice them to enter the drains. Regular drain maintenance will unearth any damage, which can then be repaired, helping to deter pests and rodents, prevent bad smells and put a stop to any blockages or leaks. We offer PPM services (planned preventative maintenance), leaving the upkeep of your drains in the hands of our capable local professional engineers.

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Very reputable company with a world class service 24/7. I highly recommend them.

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The Drain Doctor operative, Dan Hayler was extremely good. He took time to explain the situation and did a fantastic job of solving our problem. He is knowledgeable and courteous. I would highly recommend him and this company. Thank you for an excellent service.

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Seriously brilliant company. Anna was so helpful and great on the phone in the booking. Clear job pricing, rather than hourly charges. We have had two other plumbers out to solve this issue without success. They used a camera to find the blockage which was a ceramic piece from previous building work. Can't recommend them enough!

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Very pleased with Drain Doctor and operator Dan. Had concerns about partial sewer main blockage and possible sewer pipe misalignment. Camera survey carried out first to identify issues, then complete high pressure clean, then follow up camera survey. First class professional and friendly service - would most certainly use again.

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Great service from Anna and her team. Dan carried out the work needed and was polite, friendly and explained what needed to be done.

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Dan turned up within an hour even though it wasn't an emergency. He was professional and very helpful and even identified a hidden chamber that was also blocked. Great quality for a very reasonable price.

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Called this morning for plumbing emergency. Attended within half an hour and problem fixed. Would highly recommend.

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Can't recommend Graham Forbes and Drain Doctor enough! 3 hours graft and skilled use of some pretty scary high pressure equipment, camera tech, to break a fiendishly located fat and soap berg in the corner of our kitchen pipe work.

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