Drain Doctor Oxford saves the day for busy Oxford restaurant

On Saturday 7th March, a busy central Oxford restaurant, The Breakfast Club, was saved from closing its doors for longer than one day thanks to Drain Doctor Oxford who successfully solved the mystery of a leaking water pipe.

The pressure was on from the outset to fix the problem as the water was dripping through the ceiling below into Westgate Oxford’s busiest and largest fashion retail shop.  Closing the shop and loss of sales was not an option.

Drain Doctor Oxford received the emergency call from the restaurant and immediately went to the site to try and get to the bottom of the problem.  The team of two technicians were able to quickly locate the source of the problem and discovered a screw in a 22mm hot water pipe, which was installed two years ago when the unit was first put together. Over time a leak had developed and completely saturated the raised flooring void area, which then began to drip below.

With sheer determination and perseverance, the technicians then spent four days and three full nights on the job and were able to repair the leak and dry out the floor void with dehumidifiers.   The team were restricted to tight health and safety procedures, permits, time frames and working areas, which made the job both complex and time-consuming.

“This has been such a unique job for us and one to remember for a long time.  It became a real mystery for everyone involved and the biggest challenge for us was the investigation and solving the issue,” said Jon Parker of Drain Doctor Oxford. “Our technicians, Darren and Stanley, were fantastic and I am hugely proud of their grit and professionalism to get the job done, particularly as it involved working around the clock.  Even my wife, Lisa who’s also the boss, put in a night shift to oversee some of the works.”

“The Breakfast Club, fashion retail shop and Westgate shopping centre were all extremely relieved and grateful for our hard work, in particular the restaurant who only had to close their kitchen for one day. Our Drain Doctor name has gone down very well, and as a result, we are now the ‘go to’ preferred contractor for any plumbing or drainage emergency throughout the whole shopping centre.”