Root Ingress at Oxford College

Did you know that a root ingress is one of the biggest killers of drains? With some tree roots being able to travel up to 30m deep, they are powerful and patient enough to work their way into your drains and nest for a constant source of water and minerals. This causes blockages that you may not notice for a very long time, and by the time you do notice the root is fully immersed in your drain and a nuisance to get rid of.

One of our regular clients is an Oxford College. We recently attended the property following a blockage and conducted a CCTV Survey to identify the cause of the problem. We discovered root ingress in two separate manhole chambers. Our technicians then had to break out the old seized manhole covers to access the chambers so that the roots could be removed. Below you can see the volume of roots cut out of the drains.

Blocked Manhole Chamber Clearing Oxford Manhole Chamber

Roots Pulled From Manhole Chamber Roots Pulled From Manhole Chamber in Oxford

We then proceeded to render the chambers to repair them and allow the flow of wastewater to be restored. This solution should eliminate the frequent blockages the college has been experiencing.

Manhole Chamber Rendering New Manhole Cover

If you are experiencing frequently blocked drains, you might be suffering from a root ingress. Give us a call and we’ll investigate your drains using our state-of-the-art CCTV Drain Survey technology. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment!