Temporary Water Heater Installation

Imagine losing all the hot water in your kitchen this close to Christmas – it would be a nightmare!

Unfortunately, we were recently called out to a property in Oxfordshire who had experienced this very problem. Whilst their insurance company was dealing with the issue, they could not get the claim processed before the end of the year, meaning this home would be without hot water in their kitchen during the biggest dishwashing event of the year – Christmas. We were called to the property to try and come up with a solution to see this family through the festive period.

To add insult to injury, the property also had a leak under the kitchen floor which had been located and isolated, but again was not likely to be resolved until after Christmas considering it would be a very large job and involves ripping up the kitchen floor.

We sent our technician Sam to the property who figured out this option for the customer.

Water Heater under exposed kitchen sink

It’s not ideal for a long term solution, but should definitely see them through Christmas! The customer was delighted with the result, but not so delighted at the thought of all those dirty dishes that they now can’t escape!

Before we left we let them know that we’d be on call 24/7 over the festive period, and yes that includes Christmas Day!