Grease Trap Installation and Cleaning

Grease trap systems are designed to prevent fat, oil, grease, food waste and other solids from entering the drainage system. This type of food waste can also not be properly processed by septic tanks or sewage treatment plants and will potentially cause a blockage in your drains and pipes. If it’s not resolved, that blockage could lead to foul odours, slow draining water and even backups of wastewater into your property.

In most domestic settings, you are able to reduce the amount of food waste that enters your drainage system simply by not pouring cooking oil and fats down the sink. However, in commercial kitchens, 70% of blockages are caused by the build-up of fat, oil and grease. You could also face potential prosecution by the Environment Agency if you do not have a suitable grease trap installation.

What is a grease trap?

Very simply, a grease trap is a box that sits between your kitchen and the drains outside to act as a filter between dishwashers, sinks and the main sewer system. When wastewater is poured down the sink, it runs into the grease trap. There, the solid matter sinks to the bottom of the trap, the water remains in the middle, and the lighter fat, oil and grease floats on the top. Only the filtered water in the middle of the trap is allowed to pass through to the drainage system.

Current building regulations state that all new and refurbished commercial kitchens must be fitted with working grease management systems. That includes staff canteens as well as kitchens in pubs, restaurants, hotels and more.

Dosing Systems

Dosing systems work by pumping a pre-set amount of enzyme into the primary pipework of the system to be treated. The blend of friendly enzyme and bacteria will then digest the fat, oil and grease that can cause blockages and smells. This normally happens late at night or early morning after the kitchen has shut down to give the enzyme maximum time to work. They can be used as stand-alone units or be used in conjunction with a grease trap or fat stripper.

Installing and maintaining grease traps

At Drain Doctor, we supply, install and maintain grease traps to meet the specific needs of your business. Our systems are strong, durable and have a high separation efficiency, and can be installed inside, outside or mounted on the floor. All of our grease traps are also mechanically sealed with an airtight cover to reduce the risk of odours or spillage.

We also provide a regular or ad-hoc grease trap cleaning and maintenance service. We remove the build-up of grease using a high-pressure water jet. We also clear the drains and replace the enzymes that break down the grease. Importantly, we also carry a Waste Carrier Licence to dispose of commercial kitchen waste in an environmentally sustainable way.

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