Do you really need an emergency plumber?

If you have a fast and consistent leak that is gradually filling your house with water, then yes you do!

Before you lift up the phone, you should turn off the water supply to your house and if possible also the waterline that supplies the leaking fixture. This will prevent any further damage and will quite likely stop the flow of water. If you find the leak is coming from just one fixture, say your bathroom sink, then you can probably isolate this and use another sink until a plumber can get to you.

If once you have turned off the water and assessed the situation you find the crisis continues, then you need an emergency plumber! Before you start calling plumbers remember that Drain Doctor will give you a fixed price for the job and will never charge you a call out fee.

Here’s a few tips –

– Try to identify the problem as closely as you can. Write down the details and relay them to the plumber. It will help the plumber to cost your job and identify your problem.

– Ask if there is a call out charge.

– Ask for an estimate. This is difficult as your plumber will need to assess the situation but you may be able to get a rough idea.

Don’t forget that Drain Doctor plumbers will not charge you a call out fee and will offer you a fixed price for your emergency!