Drain Doctor assists customers to victory during the World Cup 2018

Banbury, UK (21 June 2018) – With the World Cup 2018 now underway and England one game in, Drain Doctor, the UK’s leading full service combined commercial and domestic plumbing and drainage organisation, recently launched a ‘World Cup’ marketing campaign for its network of over 50 franchise locations across the UK.

Drain Doctor, which is part of the Dwyer Group UK’s family of brands, has made a significant marketing investment to push its brand story and core values since the master licence in the UK was reacquired in 2015, using the World Cup as a theme to target its commercial customers in pubs and clubs around the UK.  The multi-channel campaign, which kicked off in May, combines both print and online marketing collateral, such as flyers and checklists, and social media posts containing extensive content and images for Facebook and LinkedIn, to ensure maximum reach and awareness to prospective and existing customers.

The campaign was created to inform, communicate and educate Drain Doctor’s commercial customers, who would need to have preventative maintenance plans in place in order to keep their business operating effectively during an exceptionally busy period.  From the terminology used in the copy to the imagery on all the content, there was a strong World Cup flavour to the campaign.

To help support the campaign and the brand, Drain Doctor has also produced its first top of mind national awareness So Much More campaign, which tells the story of its dedicated technicians and how the business is ‘so much more’ than just plumbing and drainage.  Multiple platforms are being used to deliver the message, including YouTube, social media and remarketing, to draw people back towards the website with an exposure of more than one million people in the UK over the next year.

“I am really proud to tell the story of Drain Doctor through our national marketing campaigns and to share how we truly make a difference to our customers and care about each one of their homes and businesses as it if were our own,” says Joshua Barker, Marketing Manager at Dwyer Group UK.  “We have successfully connected with our target audience, and already we are beginning to produce real results that we can measure with numbers.  We are also seeing early signs of growth as a result of this campaign by attracting new leads and raising our revenue.  It’s fantastic to help tell the story about Drain Doctor and for our franchisees to benefit from the brand exposure and higher customer loyalty.  We want the Drain Doctor name to be synonymous within our industry and the first name or potential name customers think of, so this is just the start of our exciting journey.”

To find your nearest Drain Doctor and the services it can offer, visit www.draindoctor.co.uk.

Drain Doctor is one of the franchise service brands for the Dwyer Group, Inc.  For more information about the Dwyer Group’s service brands visit www.dwyergroup.com.


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