Toilet tech

Technology is everywhere in the home nowadays. Technophobes can’t escape it, not even in the loo it seems. Plumbing technology is coming on leaps and bounds when it comes to the humble bathroom.

Most new bathroom technologies are designed to improve user comfort and hygiene.

There are products available that allow users to stream music into their bathrooms using wireless technology so they can listen to their favourite tunes while taking a shower or control lighting and water pressure through a digital interface.

LED lighting is being incorporated into toilets and sinks to illuminate the bathroom for night time use. These lighting systems can also be controlled using wireless remote devices.

Touch-free taps and toilets are becoming increasingly common in domestic as well as public and commercial settings.

You can buy a new touchless toilet or it is possible to purchase a kit that can be used to ‘upgrade’ existing loos to touchless toilets.

With a wave of the hand across a sensor the toilet lid will automatically close without slamming and then flush. Then wash your hands in the sink without having to touch the taps.

Go the whole hog and install a fully automated wet room with touchless toilets and taps and an all-over dryer and you won’t even need to use towels anymore.

If you are looking to upgrade your loo or just need help fixing your old one remember to give Drain Doctor a call on 0800 70 71 72.