Wrap up, Clear up, Dry up

The frost, snow and cold weather of the winter can take a huge toll on your drains and plumbing. The damage caused can be enormous and costly. As with most things, prevention is better than cure so make sure you wrap up, clear up and dry up!

Wrap up

Wrap or lag any pipes that are exposed to the elements with proper pipe lagging and heat tape. This includes any pipes leading to outhouses, sheds or greenhouses. This helps prevent frozen pipes which can be a nightmare during the winter months and are very likely to burst. Water flow restrictions in really cold weather will suggest that there is a frozen blockage somewhere in your system.

Clear up

Have a quick look at the areas around your main drains and make sure they are clear of leaves and twigs from your gutters or gullies. If they are covered in debris, they are more likely to block.

Dry up

If you have dripping taps, it is time to fix them! Dripping taps are a major contributor to frozen pipes as the constant and slow release of water means it’s far more likely to freeze.

If you need more advice on freezing pipes, blocked drains or plumbing problems, give Drain Doctor a call.