Arts & Crafts: Toilet Roll Flower

As we are coming up to the autumn months, it means the shorter days, colder temperatures and wet and windy weather. This means fewer days trips with your kids and more entertaining them at home. Now we know that tablets and TV are a big part of everyone’s lives now, but sometimes it’s good to simply sit down with the children and do some arts and crafts.

This can be anything from drawing to cutting and sticking. these things are so simple to do and kids love them. That’s why we’re going to start a new series of art & crafts tutorials that you can create from leftover supplies  in your bathroom – especially the toilet roll tube, so we’ll start with that today.

Here at Drain Doctor head office we have been collecting up our toilet rolls tubes to start this series off, and what better way to try and hold onto summer by creating a decorative flower! Follow the steps below to create your own toilet roll tube flower.

1. Start off by gathering all the materials you will need. Grab a few toilet roll tubes, a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

2. Flatten your toilet rolls and cut them into sections, as you can see below.

3. Take the glue stick and start sticking the sections together, like below. You can spread glue on both sections to make an extra firm hold. Hold the sections together for about thirty seconds to properly fix them together.

4. Repeat this process until you have a star shape, as below.

5. After you have this shape, you can carry on filling in the gaps to create a larger shape. Keep doing this until you are happy with the shape or you use up all of your toilet roll tubes. We carried on until we had no tubes left – take a look!

Once you’re finished and happy with the final product, you can carry on making it pretty with paint, glitter, felt tips – whatever you like! You could even paint them white, use some silver glitter and make some snowflakes to hang from the ceiling around Christmas time. These can even be reinforced with PVA glue and use the as coasters if you opt for a smaller shape.

Here at Drain Doctor, we know how using toilet is an everyday necessity, but those toilet roll tubes shouldn’t go to waste! Try this nifty arts & craft trick and stay tunes for more!