Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom: Part Two

Carrying on from last week, Drain Doctor is here to give you some more tips on cleaning away the issues that water brings with it. Last week we looked at cleaning tips for the bathroom in Part one, this week we dive a little deeper into the best ways to clean your bathroom in Part two.

  • Say No to Soap Scum: Nobody likes soap scum – it’s probably one of the most common cleaning issues in the bathroom as we use soap in there every single day. Luckily, it’s an easy fix if you’re using the right stuff. Using an acidic cleaner, like a mixture of white vinegar and water, will cut through and simply wipe it all away.  Make sure you wear gloves, use sparingly and always rinse away thoroughly.
  • Sparkling Showerheads: The showerhead will inevitably develop a build-up of mineral deposits and limescale, making for a dirty, poorly functioning shower. To easily get rid of this, fill a plastic bag with undiluted white vinegar and place showerhead in it so that it is submerged. Tie the bag with an elastic band and make sure it is securely sealed around the showerhead so it can remain submerged overnight and in the morning, scrub away the limescale with a toothbrush.
  • Freshen Shower Curtains Up: Your shower curtain can become dirty and may need a good clean every once in a while. Most shower curtains will be machine washable and can be washed in hot water. If your shower curtain is not machine washable, mix up 10 parts water with one part bleach and give it a good hand scrub. Air dry straight away and voila – a cleaner, fresher shower curtain.
  • Don’t Forget the Fan: Every month or two, give your extractor fan a good clean. As the it sucks up lots of dust and moisture, it’s a fantastic place for bacteria to grow and live in the dark. To clean, before doing anything make sure you turn off the power at the circuit board. Once you know that the electricity is off, remove the cover and soak it in warm water and washing up liquid. Using the hand attachment of your vacuum cleaner, hoover up and dust and debris away from the fan blades and the motor.  Wipe anything left with a damp cloth and dust away dirt from any nooks and crannies to get it as clean as you can. Give the cover a good wipe and let it dry. Once everything is completely dry, replace the cover and turn the electricity back on.
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Obviously, when you’re in the shower, quite a lot of hair gets tangled in the plug, where soap scum gathers to create a clog. One of the worst things is when you’re showering and the water slowly starts to rise and suddenly you’re standing in a puddle. To prevent this from happening, simply buy a hair trap and place over your shower plug. Clean this out after every shower to prevent a build-up of hair. This, along with tip 5 from Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom: Part 1, will keep your shower drains nice and clear and clog-free!

Join us next time to discover the best way to keep your kitchen clean. In the meantime, if you feel your drains could do with a little extra help, give the professionals at Drain Doctor – we’ll be more than happy to help!