Plumbing Innovations to Help Homeowners

When we think about innovations within our homes, plumbing isn’t one that springs to mind. However, when we want to increase the value of our house, what is the first thing that gets updated? The kitchen and the bathroom! This is because remodelling your home’s plumbing systems adds the greatest return on investment to the overall home value. 

When buyers are looking for a new home, plumbing is an important aspect of a purchase. If a house’s plumbing, drainage systems or pipework is outdated or needs work, it can total up to quite a big cost. This will be something that a buyer would want to avoid like the plague – you wouldn’t buy a car if you know it will take time, effort and money to repair the broken bits after the initial purchase, so why would you do it with a house?

And if you aren’t looking to sell, the kitchen and the bathroom are normally the parts of the home that get remodelled as they have fixtures and fitting that would need to be completely reinstalled. 

Normally, changing a living room up is simply changing the wall colour and the sofas – maybe putting up some new photo frames and getting some new cushions and curtains. When you redo a kitchen, you have to change the work surfaces, choose new appliances, get the flooring redone, change the sink and any pipework around it – everything. The same goes for a bathroom. These rooms take a lot of time to get right, but when they are perfect, they make you feel so much happier with your home. 

Research by Freedonia reports that the plumbing industry is growing alongside the remodel sector. The plumbing fixtures and fittings market “is projected to advance 6.3 percent per year through 2017 to $12billion. The residential market will account for over three-fifths of demand and will see the most rapid gains.”

This shows that many people are in fact remodelling their kitchens and bathrooms, and the innovations in this industry have really helped people add value to their homes and also save money. 

Things like water-efficient toilets, showers and faucets are helping homeowners to save money on their water bills and also help the environment by not using up too much water. 

Tankless water heaters have also started being used as standard in a lot of homes now. This type of water heater doesn’t use up as much energy as a traditional storage water heater as you don’t have any heat loss and only use hot water as and when you need it. Storage water heaters will heat up a whole tank of water and then be ready to use, but if you are only filling up a bowl of hot water, or you aren’t using hot water at all, this tank will be heated and not even used, whereas a tankless heater simply heats the water as you use it. Another great benefit is that you won’t run out of hot water. So, when everyone is having their showers in the morning, the last person doesn’t pull the short straw and still gets a hot shower. 

These innovations are great additions to any home, and if you are looking for anyone to help you achieve these changes in your kitchen or bathroom, give the experts at Drain Doctor a call!

Post Source: Digital Journal

Photo Source: Freepik