Poo museum

The Isle of Wight Zoo has opened a museum dedicated to all things faecal.

The National Poo Museum was launched at the zoo this Easter. It explores the diverse and vast subject of human and animal waste matter from its production through to its value as a potential energy source. A spokesperson for the zoo said : “This exhibition is not to be sniffed at and will aim to change the way people think and feel about poo.

“It’s stinky, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous stuff – but it’s all around us and inside us too – and perhaps surprisingly our planet would be a much poorer place without it.”

Poo samples on display at the museum include lion, meerkat, human baby, a 38 million year old poo and a poo with teeth and bones in it.

The museum will be continually evolving with new exhibits being added throughout the year.

Somewhere to take the kids if your stuck for activities during the Easter holidays.