Gardening greatness!

As gardens reach full bloom this summer and they greet warmer temperatures and fewer showers, their need for water increases hugely.

Here our top tips to ensure you save as much water as you can.


Collect rainwater throughout the year to use through the summer. Water butts come in many shapes and sizes to fit different gardens and needs. They not only save water, but they save on cost as well as any water they collect is straight from the sky! 


Install a water-efficient drip irrigation system in your garden. This can be run from a garden tap with a timer fitted or from a collection system. There are a number to choose from in varying degrees of complexity. You can lay lines under your lawn and beds, which is great if you are putting down a new garden. For those with established gardens, irrigation systems which drip water onto designated plants are brilliant if you want to water pots or keep plants going whilst you are on holiday.

These systems can be run by solar power, making them particularly cost efficient. Other gardeners may be keen on micro-jet or micro spray systems or soaker pipes, or perhaps drip lines. All of these can be run through timers and can be set to water plants at the optimum time to keep evaporation to a minimum.


Know your plants! Consider planting shorter season flowering plants and vegetables and drought-resistant plants that require less long-term care and don’t depend as heavily on water. If you are new to gardening, this may be a great way to learn without having to commit for a whole season.