New Build Nightmare

New build houses can be a fantastic investment when buying a home. You benefit from the guarantees, energy efficiency, incentives, no upward chain, and if you buy early enough you can even personalise your home. However, not everything goes according to plan when purchasing a new build property, including disruption, delays, misleading brochures, and most of all problems with the property.

The last thing you need when you move into a new home is to find problems that need to be fixed, and when some developers have been said to have very poor after-sales service, this isn’t an ideal situation to be in.

One of the biggest issues that people find when moving into new build properties is problems with garden drainage. This is quite a common problem with developments that build multiple houses as the soil becomes compacted from the builder’s lorries and trucks. Also, when the plot is excavated, the subsoil and topsoil get mixed together causing a wet and heavy plot.

Many people have complained about issues they have with their garden drainage, including Sheffield mum, Lucy Simpson. Mother of seven-year-old Henry complained just four weeks after moving into her new home back in May 2015, and was told to ‘let the garden settle’.

After months of complaining to Keepmoat, a workman finally came to her property in January 2016, when she was told that there was a ‘drainage problem’. They drilled holes into the lower patio walls which ended up making the problem worse. Another workman then came out and told her that the whole garden needed to be ripped up and relaying with acceptable drainage.

Ms Simpson is not the only person to buy a new build property and have problems with the garden drainage, as it seems to be a very common issue. When looking up drainage issues with new build properties, people are left with waterlogged, unusable gardens and a long wait for anything to get done.

Our advice is to always make sure that the house you are moving into is completely finished by the time it comes to completing. Sometimes the garden or the garage may not be completed, but by the time the contracts have exchanged they just rush the rest and don’t finish it off properly – which will only lead to problems later down the line. So never complete before the house is 100 percent finished!

Also, before you complete, you should always have someone from the development to do a walkthrough of your new home so that if you notice anything amiss, you can put off the exchange until everything is completed to a good standard and you are happy with the house.


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