Summer Lovin’ for your Drains!

We all worry about frozen pipes, no hot water or heating and water line breaks in the winter, and we sometimes forget that our pipes still need caring for in the summer! The last thing you want when you are planning to go to the beach with the kids is a drainage issue. Cancelling a fun day out to the beach to stay home and fix your plumbing will put a real downer or the nice weather.

If you prepare for the winter months with some warmer weather maintenance, it can be the difference between smooth sailing in the cold season and issues that stop you from being able to shower or warm your house, or no water at all!

Drains are a perfect place for bacteria, mould and germs to breed and grow at best of times. With the hotter weather, it only encourages and increases this growth and causes more problems down the line. It will not only make your drains smell pretty bad, but if it builds up enough it can lead to blockages which will really slow down your plans.

The summer is the best time to get your drain maintenance carried out as it is optimum weather to get everything up to scratch before they could cause a bigger problem in the winter. Once it becomes a bigger issue, it will always be a harder job that will cost more money than a simple routine maintenance call out to clean out your drains.

The warning signs that you should start to worry about are smelly drains, slow draining plugs and clogged drains. Obviously there are ways of cleaning your drains yourself with store bought chemical cleaners, but these can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth. A drainage professional will be able to clean your drains in a way that causes no damage to the pipework and will be a quicker turnaround to getting the job done.

Getting your drains cleaned is a simple routine task that any of our professional technicians can do. So don’t wait until there is a problem, all you will do is risk a much bigger job and pay out a lot more money. Call Drain Doctor this summer to get your drains cleaned and maintained so they are completely ready for those long winter months!