Too Hot?

The NHS has issued a level-two health warning due to the exceptional heat we are predicted to have this September. September can be warm, but it will be unusually hot this year as the Met Office has said temperatures could rise to above 30C in some areas of the country.

Both Public Health England and NHS England have issued warnings about the risk the heat could pose to your health. Vulnerable people such as the elderly or children can be seriously affected by the heat, but everyone is at risk of symptoms of heatstroke and dehydration.

Here at Drain Doctor, we care about our customers’ well-being as well as keeping your plumbing and drainage systems up to scratch. As we also like all things water, so we’re going to share our favourite tips for keeping yourself cool with the help of our watery friend.

  • When you are feeling too hot when you go to bed, a great way to make sure you feel cool is to have a lukewarm shower before bed. Having an ice-cold shower can make you feel better whilst under the water, but your body will compensate for the temperature drop afterwards and actually work harder to warm yourself back up. Start with a body temperature shower and gradually lower the temperature so your body gets used to the new colder temperature meaning you will feel nice and cool. Or you could try the same with a lukewarm bath and it will have the same effect.
  • If you don’t already have a combi-boiler that shuts off the water heater when not necessary, then you should make sure you are turning off your water heater when you do not need it. It wastes a lot of heat and energy for hot water that you simply will not need to have in the summer.
  • You can fill a spray bottle with some cold water and spritz yourself every once in a while and it’ll keep you feeling cool. It’s also a great idea to keep it close to you at night so if you wake up and feel hot, you can cool yourself down with your water spritzer.
  • If your fan is simply not doing enough and is just blowing more warm air around your room, a helpful trick is to put a bowl of ice in front of your fan. The air above the ice will start to cool and then that cooled air will be blown around by your fan, meaning you’ll feel cooled quicker.
  • You know that hot water bottle that is such a lifesaver in the winter but gets put away during the summer months… well, get that back out as they can help you all year round! Take the water bottle out of its warm covering and fill it with cold water and even some ice if it fits. This way your ‘hot’ water bottle can now be hugged to keep your body cool! It can be used to cool down your bed sheets as well! Just leave your ‘cold’ water bottle in the sheets to cool them down!
  • Another good tip for keeping cool is to have a bowl of cold water to dunk your feet in whenever you feel too hot. You can sit watching TV with your feet in a bowl of cold water to make yourself feel better. Keeping your feet cool really helps to regulate your body temperature, so keeping them from overheating will stop you from overheating. You can also keep this bowl next to your bed to give your feet a dunk if you wake up in the night.
  • Another place on your body to keep cool is your wrists. If you feel too hot, you should run your wrists under some cold running water or dunk them in a bowl of cold water. A main vein runs through your wrists, so if you cool this down it can cool down the blood flowing through your body, meaning you will start to cool down all over.

So, if you’re feeling a bit too hot this September, try these handy tricks from the team here at Drain Doctor to keep yourself cool! You can also keep yourself cool with the tips and tricks that our sister company Mr. Electric has provided over on their blog!

Photo Source: Freepik

Post Source: BBC News